Vincent & Jeanette

Vincent and Jeanette HoSang met in the Bronx, NY after immigrating to the States from Jamaica. They come from a lineage of entrepreneurs from China. They wanted to share Jamaican food with Americans and opened up a fried chicken store that also sold Jamaican Patties and Bakery items. From there, the business continued to expand until they became the largest Jamaican Frozen Food Manufacture in the U.S.A.

About Royal Caribbean Bakery


Founded: 1978 on Dyre Avenue, Bronx New York by Vincent and Jeanette HoSang in a 3,000 sq. foot facility, which is still the home of one the Royal Caribbean Bakery Retail locations.

Corporate Facility: 620 South Fulton Avenue, Mt. Vernon, NY - a 20,000 sq. ft. facility that was opened in 1987 as part of the company's expansion drive.

Product Line: Bakers of the finest quality hard dough bread, spice buns, coco bread, pastries, bulla cakes and black fruit cakes.

Distributors of Caribbean Food Delights Jamaican Style beef, chicken and vegetable patties.

Operates several retail outlets in the New York market and Atlanta Georgia area.


100% Jamaican


Being Jamaican means more to Vincent and Jeanette HoSang (the founders of Royal Caribbean Bakery) than one can imagine. Both were born and raised on the island of Jamaica in an atmosphere rich in diversity, culture, music and cuisine.

After migrating to the United States, introducing the tantalizing tastes of Jamaica to the New York area only seemed natural - hence the beginning of Royal Caribbean Bakery. Finally, a place to get Patties, Hardo Bread, Bulla, Easter Bun and cheese!

One can never be too far from the islands with a little RCB food in your cupboard. The HoSangs travel to the Caribbean frequently to expand their product line. All signature recipes have been "tested" for their authenticity and have received the highest ratings from fellow Jamaicans.

Vincent and Jeanette HoSang have never forgotten the country that they came from. Many Jamaican charities benefit from their generosity, including an annual donation to the Jamaican athletes participating in the Penn Relays.

So if you're feeling a little "Jamaican me hungry," come visit one of our outlets or distribution centers today.



The Vincent HoSang Family Foundation is an organization which donates school supplies, medical supplies including the famous Medical Bus to Dr. Streete, funds for Churches and  scholarships. to college students.


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