Jamaican Cakes

Black Fruit Cake. Used for weddings, baptisms, birthday cakes and any special functions where cakes are a must, black fruit cake can be iced or plain.  It's moist, rich, very flavorful and soaked in wine.

Assorted Mini Cakes. Our Mini cakes are 5.0 ounces each except for the Royal Rum Cake which is 4 oz. The varieties we make are Tutti Fruiti, Banana Nut, Guava Swirl, Yellow Cake, Coconut, Royal Rum and Carrot Cake.

Bulla Cakes. It's that tasty "moon-shaped" cake which is made up of among other things, good strong Jamaican ginger.

Coconut Bulla Cakes. It's that tasty "moon-shaped" cake similar to the ginger bulla cakes, except with coconut flakes.

Rock Cakes. These small cakes are similar to scones.

Gizzada. Another coconut treat are these tarts made with grated coconut in a crunchy pie shell.   Sometimes these are called pinch-me-rounds from the way the crust is formed.

Red & White Grater Cakes. Yet another coconut treat are these cakes made with grated coconut.


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