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Bulla, Sugar Bun, Hard Dough Bread, Plantain Tart, Spiced Bun, Jamaican Fruit Cake, Patties

So, you think the names of these delectable pastries are funny sounding? To a non-Jamaican they are but to us Jamaicans, if you have not eaten any of them in a long time, you become homesick in an instant. Nevertheless there is no need for anyone to be homesick for these delicacies because these and more are available from Royal Caribbean Bakery.

Here is a brief lexicon of the meaning of these names:

Bulla It's that tasty "moon-shaped" cake which is made up of among other things good strong Jamaican ginger.
Coco Bread This light bread is shaped in a semi-circle and tastes best when it sandwiches a patty in the middle or a nice piece of cheese.
Sugar Bun It is akin to cinnamon bun but with more ingredients and an inviting glaze.
Hard Dough Bread Oblong-shaped and made in various sizes. Everyone's choice. It's moist and can be eaten alone of with butter, pate, jelly or any kind of spread. It is very good for sandwiches because it will not become soggy.
Plantain Tart Very ripe plantains are boiled, crushed, mixed with food coloring, sugar, other condiments and baked into a crescent-shaped (half moon) pastry crust. They are glazed for a nice brown look. A big favorite among many Jamaicans.
Spiced Bun Shaped like the hard dough bread in size but is filled with fruits, and other ingredients which give them the rich, dark colour. Must be eaten with cheese (preferably Jamaican cheese), can be eaten with cream cheese, butter or alone. Can be purchased all year around but is the specialty for Easter time.
Jamaican Fruit Cake Looks like the spiced bun but is round and is used for weddings, baptisms, birthday cakes and any special functions where cakes are a must.
Patty Patties are crispy-moon shaped pastries that are baked and filled with beef, chicken, vegetable, shrimp, and soy-bean.
Royal Caribbean Bakery products leave anyone who has tried them saying, "mmm, mi want more."

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